Friday, September 16, 2005

Setting down a sling load at the drill site. Posted by Picasa

Picking up a sling load. Posted by Picasa

Mitch, Driller Rich and Andrew. Posted by Picasa

Taking a 5 minute break. Posted by Picasa

On the road to Dillingham. Posted by Picasa

PJ posing with 204CH, ASTAR. Posted by Picasa

Timito catching the nerf foot ball. Posted by Picasa

Erin Posted by Picasa

One of the drill sites. Posted by Picasa

Rock lickers Alexia and Jim on a pretty steep ridge. Posted by Picasa

A sow and two cubs. Posted by Picasa

Sliding down a snowfield on the ice chest Posted by Picasa

Jim taking a toke. Posted by Picasa

Alexia, my favorite rock licker. Posted by Picasa

A double rainbow. A pretty common occurrence in Alaska. Posted by Picasa

Lake Clark Posted by Picasa

Alaska midnight sunset. Posted by Picasa

Alpenglow on the helicopter. Posted by Picasa

Tova and Tim "Timito" hanging out at my tent. Posted by Picasa

Tova with, you guessed it, alcohol. Posted by Picasa

Tova and Tim laying a walkway outside my tent. Posted by Picasa

Lifting a couple of Rod Racks full of core. Posted by Picasa

Tova hooking me up. Posted by Picasa

Lifting the drill trailer. Posted by Picasa

Hooking up for the drill trailer. Posted by Picasa