Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Bone Collectors - Pam, Dan and Ben and their 'stuff'.

The bones... Woolly Mammoth tusks and leg bones.

This is 'Our Stuff'... Angie and Becca.


Ernie fixing the NPRA 3 repeater.

Cruising along at 162mph.

Working out of Ivotuk

And old military training target. These are towed in flight behind an aircraft.

An old tundra vehicle left behind. It's easier and cheaper to just leave things than it is to haul it back out.

A DC-3 left on Noluck Lake. It was flyable when it was left, but weather and time has all but destroyed it.

Above the Nigu river, southwest of Ivotuk

The hill behind our camp at Ivotuk.

The terrain north of Ivotuk.

The terrain south west of Ivotuk.

Southwest of Ivotuk

Ivotuk Clouds.

more Ivotuk scenery.

West of Ivotuk.

Catching up

It took awhile, because internet on the North Slope is pretty poor, but here's a few shots form when we first arrived in Barrow in late May.

The "AC", the grocery store in Barrow.

Inside the BLM Office in Barrow.

Katie and Calli, the duck wranglers.

Darryl the Duck Doctor. Responsible for alien implants.

Setting up the net for a game of bad-mitten.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

On the Itkilikruich Ridge

Somewhere between Ivotuk and the Killik, south of the
Oolamnagavik and North of Kikiktat. Just follow the way
of the Inuksuk to this beautiful flower.