Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flying the Feather

This was a fun job. It consisted of flying 3 man crews into various locations along the Feather river so they could chop trees and brush to make larger, improved helipads for the other helicopters. There is one spot near the end of the video where we landed near a bridge crossing the river. Under the bridge there was a rope so you could swing out and land in the water. This mission took several hours and you can see in the video how the smoke gets thicker and thicker throughout the day.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful country! Turn the camera towards you too!!!

Hundewanderer said...

Hi Handsome! Awesome video. Think of me when you're flying high in the sky. I love you, Your GLCS

Bob B said...

P.J. What a video and the music also, fantastic. Wish you were droping me off to fall those trees. Bob B