Thursday, August 13, 2009

Williams Creek Morning Briefing

With the wildfires winding down many of the fire teams have left. As of today we're down to only two helicopter crews left.

Karsten and Dennis, two of my crew. Dennis is the Helicopter Manager.

The Williams Creek Fire Air Ops Map

The rest of my helicopter crew minus Sage. Myles, Mike and Carsten again.


Hundewanderer said...

Sweatshirts?! Wow, I've forgotten what sweatshirt weather feels like. XO

sally said...

Glad to see you are working hard. It brings back memories of supervising inmate fire crews.
Does this mean we get to "ride" this winter?

PJ said...

Yep, lots of sweatshirt weather here. Not really conducive to the fire activity, but makes hanging out quite comfortable.

Sally, That's the plan! We'll ride our collective ass's off this winter! Hey, we can always use another supervisor here. You know there's never enough supervisors on any government job.