Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fort Apache Helitack Crew - Whiteriver AZ

The Fort Apache Helicopter Initial Attack Crew.


Anonymous said...

hey is that Darelle (?) 2nd from the right?

Anonymous said...

The reason I ask is because we met a friendly spark of a guy while on our San Carlos Apache mission trip this past Sat eve at our hotel in Globe. Our team is lodging in Globe throughout our mission in assisting the Church of Calvary on San Carlos until July 30. I spoke with a couple of your Helitack crew which made our evening very interesting. Darelle was a fun and gave my 12 yr son a Helitack shirt. My son thinks its the coolest. I thank you all for your brave, wild work.
If you need a trainer for your crew let me know! ;)
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PJ said...

Hi Donna,

There's two people in the photo you may be speaking of. One is Darrell, the last one on the right with red hair. I doubt it's him.

The other is Delrel sp? pronounced Dell Rell. He is the second on the left and sounds like the person you're describing. He's a great guy.

By the way, I'm curious how you came upon this website?

God bless

Anonymous said...

Hi there PJ, Great to hear back from you. I came across your site via googling Apache Hellitackers. Also came across other interesting info like the Women of 8 firefighters making a movie. Yes, it would be Delrel that we met due to he was apacheish looking for sure - definitely not the red head. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you never know who might bump into your site - we have enjoyed looking at the pics and learning about the hellitackers. I told my clients your story and they enjoyed hearing about what you men and women do. My son and I are planning to participate in another Apache mission trip hopefully before the end of 2009. Would you tell me about the Whiteriver Apache reservation? Is that where you are based out of? We are looking forward to going there next. May God bless you back. Thanks, Donna

PJ said...


There is a link on the upper right corner of this blog. If you click on that you will be able to email me directly, and I will be happy to give you whatever help or information I can offer.