Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rescue 911

On Jan 31, 2006 I flew to Tenakee (ten-a'-key) Alaska to pick up a man who had injured his leg. I had about an hour to kill while there so I cruised the village and had lunch at Rosies. Tenakee is a very cool little Alaskan village.

This is the Heli dock at Tenakee..

This is Snyder Merchantile (Since 1899) on what I guess you could call "main street" of Tenakee. Actually, it's the only street in Tenakee, and it's not quite a street either.

This is what the inside of Snider Merchantile looks like today. It's still resembles much what it must have looked like when it was built in 1899.

Main Street (Downtown Tenakee)

The light is always on at Rosies, Blue Moon Cafe.

This is the inside of the Blue Moon Cafe. No, the room is no larger looking the other way. It's just a really small, messy little joint without running water or toilets. That's right, the out house is in the back... of the resturant. Not the back yard, the back of the resturant.

The Local US Post Office.

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Anonymous said...

I would fly to Rosies Blue Moon Cafe with you anyday. GLCS.